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I have many ideas, dreams and ambitions, things I would like to achieve and goals I would like to fulfil. In times gone by, I have thought of them as things that would have been nice to do if life had been different, if I’d made different choices, if I was in a different situation. More recently, mainly through interacting with lots of highly inspirational people, I am starting to realise that these aspirations are well within my reach and that I can start putting firm plans in place to make progress towards them, rather than daydream about how life might have been in different circumstances.

One of the biggest realisations I have had is how important other peoples support is to achieving your goals. It’s hard going it alone. If you have positive people around you, encouraging you, it can make things so much easier. There are so many reasons for this, some psychological, some emotional and others practical. You can receive support in many different ways, but what is really clear is that having other people getting behind your ideas, is a massive benefit.

More and more I have started interacting with people who I believe to be successful, who as part of their journey have met someone who wants to take the same path as them and they have achieved their goals together. I think this is really powerful as it shows that they have constant support and this has helped with the achievement of their goals.

I am realising that it is so important to have a great network of inspiring people to give you the encouragement, support, motivation and advice you need to help you succeed. If you meet someone who gets what you are doing and buys into it, the strength you can get from those interactions with them can really help you be more successful and much more likely to achieve your ambitions. I feel lucky that I have a great many people who are supporting me with my journey and continue to meet more.

I met up with 3 people this week with people who inspired me and made me think about what it is that I am trying to achieve and gave me the determination to succeed. They also made me realise I need to analyse my goals more thoroughly and firm up exactly what I am aiming for.  The 3 key things these interactions made me realise are:


Create a clear personal vision:

To achieve your aspirations, you first need to be clear about exactly what they are. You can do this by creating a personal vision. If you have ideas about what you want to achieve, but they are a bit vague, it will make achieving them much more difficult. If you have no idea about what you are trying to achieve, it will be virtually impossible to get there.  I fully believe if you know what you want, you will have a much better chance of success as defined by you (rather than anyone elses view of success). It provides you a clear direction and all your efforts can be focused on reaching your goals, rather than waiting for chance to predict where you are heading.

Somebody asked me this week what my vision was and I realised that although I had lots of ideas, I did not have a concrete plan and it was something I needed to give a lot more thought to if I wanted a better chance of fulfilling my dreams.  I would advise writing your vision down as this always helps when trying to get something clear in your head. You can start quite broad, then narrow it down, until you get really specific about what you are reaching for. Once you have a very clear plan of what you are aiming for, this is the first step to achieving it.


Spend time with inspiring people:

Spending time with inspiring people can have so many benefits:

  • Motivation 

Sometimes you need people to motivate you to carry on, particularly if you have come to a point where you are a bit lost, or stuck, or feeling less positive than normal.

  • Encouragement 

Self-doubt can often creep in. Can I really do this? Have I take on too much? Will people like this? You need people around you who can encourage you to carry on, even when times are tough. They can help give you the belief that you can achieve what you set out to do.

  • Ideas 

There are times when you might feel stuck, and you need ideas of what to do next. Chatting to someone in your network might trigger off thoughts. Ideas come in so many different forms, ideas for how to achieve something, a goal you want to aim for, a book to read, a place to go, a person to talk to. They can come in any shape or form, and can often be really useful.

  • Networks

Interacting with inspirational people can open up networks of other people who you might like to spend time with.


Going forward I am going to intentionally interact as much as I possibly can with people who inspire me. The amount of motivation I found this week from the people I spent time with was huge. People who are interested in the same things I am interested in, or who open up other areas I had not considered. Also the amount of encouragement I received this week when things were not going as I had hoped or expected was hugely beneficial. My intention would of course be that it was a 2 way interaction and I could hopefully offer something myself from my experiences and views.


Have total belief:

You have to have self-belief to succeed. If you believe that anything is possible, you can overcome any issue or barrier and make things happen, you will have a much better chance of success. You must have absolute belief that you can achieve your vision. I often say to my team at work, if you have a clear vision of exactly what you want, and a clear plan of exactly how you will achieve your vision and you work hard towards executing the plan, it is highly likely that you will achieve it. It might not look exactly as you thought it would when you started, but you will get there. I am yet to meet someone who followed this, who has not succeeded.  You can have days where you start doubting yourself, or things are not going exactly to plan and that’s where encouragement and support from others can help, but ultimately you have to have a higher level belief that you will be able to achieve what you set your mind to.


Realising the value you can find from spending time with people who you inspire you has led me to write a series of articles interviewing inspirational people who have changed their direction and achieved their vision. This will allow us to explore what these people have done and how we can follow their lead to achieve our goals.  Watch out for this series coming soon.  If you don’t want to miss them, sign up to Bestselfology to receive the weekly newsletter.


  1. Laura June 24, 2015 at 8:20 am #

    Brilliant Mel, really inspired to focus in on exactly what i’m trying to do, thanks x


    • Mel Johnson June 24, 2015 at 10:37 am #

      Glad it inspired you Laura! Look out for the interviews I am doing over the next few months as this will give loads more inspiration as well as useful hints and tips! :-)



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