Why having adventure buddies can increase your happiness

  1. Why I’m replacing New Year resolutions with microadventures
  2. Why having adventure buddies can increase your happiness

This year, I have decided to embark on a year of microadventures rather than setting specific New Year Resolutions. Even though December can be a tricky month as there are often so many things going on, I decided to start straight away, rather than wait for the arbitrary date of 1st January. I feel like I managed to fit a fair few things in, but I must say, I feel even more motivated to do this now the New Year has started, so watch this space.

One of the main things I realized will be important to me during my microadventure challenge is having adventure buddies, people to join in the challenge with me. I am planning to do things on my own as well, and will not be stopped if I am alone, but for me it makes such a difference if I have the right people around me. Some people really bring out the best in me and I feel the best version of myself with them. It’s these people I love to spend time with. I get so motivated and excited when I discuss plans with inspiring people who have similar goals.

I am drawn to people who love adventure and in turn that makes me more adventurous.  One of my favourite nights so far in Budapest was with a friend who can hunt out an adventure. It felt like a night from a movie, we drank cocktails in a cool basement bar that we stumbled across that we didn’t know existed, then we went salsa dancing, dressed completely inappropriately in a room full of experts, but we gave it a good go, and then we danced in the rain and splashed in the puddles on the way home. It was unplanned, spontaneous and fun and I loved it!

Some of the things I did throughout December are:

– Ice skating at City Park in Budapest with a group of friends

– Salsa dancing

– Cooked some great recipes from scratch with a friend of mine who is an awesome cook. He guided me and I realised how much I love cooking when it is with other people

– Went to the ballet at the Opera House with the girls

– Climbed up to the Citadel one evening after dinner to overlook the whole of Budapest in its night time glory

– Flew to South Africa to surprise my bestie for her birthday for a long weekend (not necessarily in line with my We Hate to Waste experiment, but definitely an adventure!)

– Got the metro to the end of the line and ran back home

Except for the run which I did alone, all the other things I did were with awesome people. Being with inspiring people can help with microadventures for the following reasons:


If you are with adventurous people, they often throw caution to the wind and venture where others fear to tread, they may not have the same worries that other less adventurous people have, these personality traits can help to make you feel more confident. This is the key for me. Certain people bring out my confident side and I prefer myself when I am in their company.


Adventurous people tend to want to get out and about and have adventures, whatever that looks like. Spending time with adventurous people can bring out your creative side and together you can come up with new and cool things to embark upon. It can be great to bounce ideas off each other and together, you can formulate a variety of plans for adventures you wish to have.

Adventure is contagious

You will be influenced by the people you spend the most time with, so who and what you surround yourself with is what you will get. Adventure is contagious. You will be influenced by others, so choose your influences wisely. Your time is limited and you can’t interact with everyone, so be selective about who you spend time with. Move away from people who hold you back and toward people who push you forward. Spending time with adventurous people will make you more adventurous. I have had my best adventures with truly adventurous and spontaneous people.

Shared experiences

If you have an adventure buddy, you will have someone to share your experiences with. It is always fun to discover new and interesting things and it can be awesome to have someone to share them with, who was there with you. You have someone who understands the amazing things you have seen and experienced, it can be great to have someone alongside you who gets it and who you can reminisce about the fun you had with.


The list of microadventures from December may not be what would go on Alistair Humphreys list (my inspiration for this challenge) but its minus 8 degrees and snowing in Hungary at the moment, so I have to say sleeping outside in a sleeping bag does not hold the same appeal for me, I’ll save that for the spring! The point for me is that I am making the most of the time I have free. I think adventure means something different for everyone, but as long as I am out and about and trying new things with awesome people I am happy!

I’d love to hear in the comments below your suggestions for any microadventures and how important you think having adventure buddies is.

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