How to take good care of yourself in 12 easy steps

There are times when I am travelling into work on a Monday morning asking myself how on earth I can feel more run down than I did on Friday afternoon after a full week at work. The answer is that I don’t always look after myself properly and it starts to have a real impact on how I function.

There are a number of things you can do to rejuvenate yourself, to ensure you are feeling your best. It’s really important to take time for yourself, so you can function well and feel good.

Follow these 12 steps to ensure you feel better:

1) Get enough good quality sleep

The difference you will feel after a good nights sleep is incredible. Sleeping with an eye-mask on can help you get a better nights sleep, if your room isn’t dark enough. Tidying away all the clutter in your bedroom can also make a difference. Establishing a good quality evening routine can help you sleep more effectively.

2) Read inspiring books

Before going to sleep, light a scented candle and read an inspirational book. Even if you only read a few pages it has 2 purposes. It relaxes you and it inspires you.

3) Have a relaxing soak in the bath

Having a nice long soak in a hot bath with candle and a book can make you really relaxed and ready to sleep a nice, deep, peaceful sleep.

4) Drink plenty of water

Make sure you hydrate yourself by drinking enough water each day. It can give you more energy, make your skin look better and also prevent you from overeating, as we often mistake thirst for hunger.

5) Drink less alcohol

Having too much alcohol can leave you feeling terrible the next day. It disrupts your sleep meaning you feel tired and it dehydrates you possibly giving you a headache or feeling nauseous. Reducing your alcohol intake can make you feel much better.

6) Establish a morning routine

If you have a well established morning routine, it can set you up for the day ahead. Getting up to start the day, rather than getting up to go to work can frame the day in a positive way.

7) Eat a healthy breakfast

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast can give you the right energy to set you up for the day. Follow Bestselfology’s Instagram account for ideas for a healthy breakfast.

8) Laughing

Laughter cheers you up. It’s really good for you. Laugh as much as you can. There is no better feeling that a good old belly laugh, it can help you feel happy and relaxed.

9) Meditate

Meditation can help clear your mind and feel calm and collected. There are so many benefits from meditation. You can start with just 10 minutes every day.

10) Mindful eating

Being mindful about what you eat means that you eat more healthily, thinking about what food you are putting in your body. Reducing sugar, white refined carbs and processed food will help you have more energy throughout the day. A healthy diet will really make a difference to how you feel.

11) Work out

Take time to exercise. If you exercise in the morning it wakes you up and gives you more energy for the day ahead. Even if you just do a 20 minute workout, it gets your heart rate up and releases endorphins which make you feel good.

12) Take time for a beauty regime, look good, feel good

Take time to look after your appearance. If you look good, it will help you feel good about yourself.


If you follow all these steps and take time for yourself, it should make you feel great. You need to listen to your body and from time to time, take some time out, relax and take care of yourself.

I’d love to hear in the comments below any advice you have for looking after yourself.



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