Can the CoachMe app help you keep your New Years Resolutions?

As someone who is highly motivated by New Years Resolutions and constantly looking for new and innovative ways to keep them longer than January, I highly recommend the CoachMe app as a way to achieve this.

I love the idea of having a chance to start afresh and re-invent your life, the way you want it to be in the New Year. I’ve done lots of research into how to make resolutions as effective as possible and CoachMe is one of the most powerful ways I have found to achieve success.

What does it give you?

1) The satisfaction of that green tick
If you are someone who adds a ‘to do’ at the end of list when you have already done it, purely for the satisfaction of ticking it off then you’ll love CoachMe.

Each of your goals are¬†listed, along with the target amount of times each week you’d like to achieve that goal. Every day you achieve your objective, you access CoachMe and press a big tick button that lights up green as you press it. It then gets highlighted in green and you can see how many goals you have achieved that day. You are also able to track the total¬†amount of times you were successful at each goal, to measure your progress over a longer period of time.


2) The constant reminder

When you have set a goal, usually you will start off feeling extremely uplifted, with great amounts of enthusiasm, but often over time, that enthusiasm can wane and you will forget about what you had set out to achieve. CoachMe firstly allows you to document all your goals, which is a way of further committing to them and secondly reminds you of what you set out to achieve on a regular basis. If you can form a habit to access CoachMe once or twice a day (it can be useful to check as soon as you wake up and just before you go to bed), you’ll never be able to have your goals out of your mind.

CoachMe also has a functionality to to send you reminders at time periods you have set yourself, meaning even more reminders of your goals.


3) Suggestions from others trying to achieve the same or similar goals

One very useful function of the app is the comments. You can find people who are working towards the same intentions and access their comments. There is lots of useful advice and support from people who have committed to the same objectives. If you are looking for ideas of how to succeed, this can be very handy.

4) Sharing them with friends
There is a functionality to find your friends and follow them on CoachMe. This allows you to track their progress and give them encouragement and support, you can hope for the same back from your friends. They can see your goals (although there is a function that allows you to hide them, if you are not comfortable with them all being visible) and they can see when you have achieved each of them.

5) Find a professional coach

If you need to some more in-depth advice or coaching, CoachMe offers professional coaching on each individual goal. You can search for all the available coaches that specialise in your chosen goal. You find a list of all of them with a short profile about them and then select the one you want. You then get coaching through a chat feature inside the app. They check in with you every day with their main purpose to hold you accountable to your goal and answer any questions you may have.


I’d love to hear your views on CoachMe or any other apps you use to help support achieving your goals or resolutions.

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