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Are we becoming over reliant on technology or is it helpful for achieving your goals? - BestselfologyBestselfology

Are we becoming over reliant on technology or is it helpful for achieving your goals?

I’ve found myself fast becoming addicted to apps on my phone that are supporting me to achieve my goals. There is much debate about whether technology is taking over our lives, but my thoughts are that as long as it is supporting me to achieve what I set out to, it can’t be that bad.

There are some apps for forming habits and achieving goals in general and then there are some that support specific goals.

The apps that I use are:


This app is used to support you to turn your goals into habits and keeping on track. Click here to see a full review about how CoachMe can support you with achieving your goals. I’m actually now a coach on CoachMe. If you are interested in getting 1:2:1 coaching, click here to sign up. I’m currently focusing on supporting people to create a meaningful morning routine and how to stay better connected to friends and family.

The satisfaction of the green tick

The satisfaction of the green tick

A constant reminder of my goals

A constant reminder of my g



This app can help achieve a goal specifically about running, and can also be used for an exercise goal in general.


It helps you track total distance covered, total time spent exercising, type of exercise you carried out and it also tells you about your personal bests, so you can track if you are improving over time. If you are using it for running, it tracks your actual run using GPS and shows you exactly where you have run and how fast, if you are using it for anything else, there is a functionality to manually log exercise. There is a extensive list of exercises that you can choose from. For those competitive people amongst us, there is also a leaderboard, so you can see how much you have exercised in comparison to other people you have connected with!

30 Day Ab Challenge

This app supports toning of the abs. It gives you a number of exercises to do each day, getting harder and harder over time. On day 1, it’s pretty easy, you do 20 reps of 4 different ab exercises, by day 30 it gets pretty tough! The beginner level goes up to 180 sits ups and 200 crunches. It is really effective though and certainly you will see a difference in your abs after 30 days if you stick to it! There are beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, building up your abs over time.





This app is perfect for people who want to exercise without going to the gym or even leaving the house. It allows you to choose from 4 different workouts, Strength, Cardio, Yogo and stretching. You choose how long you want to exercise for, then it gives you different exercises to follow, shows you via a video how to do them, and times 30 second time periods to undertake each one. If you only have 10 minutes to spare, and you want to workout, this app is the perfect solution. It takes the thinking away from you and explains exactly what you need to do and for how long.




I’ve already written about my love of Headspace in helping with mindfulness meditation. I fully support using this every morning, to provide an excellent start to your day.





I’ve written a full article on Loop¬†and other technology to help you stay better connected with friends. To some people this may seem a bit too calculated, but if you are someone who has a goal to stay in meaningful contact with those people who are important in your life, and you struggle to remember all the details of everything they are up to, this can be a really useful support.





So I guess, looking at the above, I definitely am more and more reliant on technology, but I believe it’s in a positive way. Its supporting me to achieve my goals. Just to show how much it has helped I am sharing a before and after picture after 3 months of setting my goal and using the technology above to help me.


I’d love to hear your views on whether you think technology is helping us or whether we are becoming over reliant on it in the comments below.

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