5 reasons enjoying your exercise keeps you healthier

I’ve been trying lots of different types of exercise as part of my New Year Resolution to get more fit and toned. Some exercise I commit to every week, some I pick up now and again and others I have tried more as a once off. I started to give more thought to what impact enjoying the exercise has on how effective it is. It turns out that for me it has quite a significant impact.

My most regularly attended class was a 5.15am spin class with Mohammed Nassuirio. If I didn’t enjoy this class, there is no way I would get up and do it at that time in the morning as it meant a 4.55am wake up call. No-one should be getting up in the 4’s! Its amazing how different spin classes can be depending on the instructor. I have been to ones that are totally boring and I am counting down the minutes until they end and ones that are awesome, inspiring and I am giving it 100% of my energy and effort. I am gutted that I have left South Africa and I now need to try and find another class in Budapest I enjoy as much.

Some of the benefits of enjoying the exercise you take part in are:

1) You put more effort in

Its unbelievable how much harder you can work when you are doing exercise that you enjoy. You might find that when  you start the exercise you may be lacking in energy, but the more you enjoy it, the more into you get and the more effort you put in, meaning you get better results. If you are not really feeling it, you can put minimum effort in and just try and get through to the end. This is such a waste of time, if you are dedicating time to work out, you might as well give it your all whilst you are there.

2) You’re more likely to commit to it

If you don’t enjoy the exercise you are doing, you are less likely to carry it out. You might find yourself making more more excuses to miss it. If you enjoy it and you look forward to doing it, its more likely to happen on a regular basis.

3) It feels more like part of your routine than a chore

You don’t want exercise to be something that you have to do each day and tick it off as a tedious task that needs completing. You want to incorporate it into your routine, so that it is a part of your day that you enjoy, even look forward to. If you commit to exercising a few times a week, that is way too much time spent, not to enjoy it. It’s so much better to do something you are looking forward to, and enjoying when you get there, than dreading going and forcing yourself there just for the outcome you want. You want to enjoy the journey as well as the end state.

4) You’ll feel happier after completing it

You usually feel good after any form of exercise due to the endorphin’s that are released, but if you loved the exercise, you’ll feel even better. If you finish a class or form of exercise and have really enjoyed it, you’ll feel happier and healthier and come out with a big smile on your face!


There are so many different forms of exercise available. My advice is really experiment with them and see what works for you. Don’t try to form a routine of something you really don’t enjoy doing. See if you can find something that you look forward to and that makes you feel great whilst you are doing it as well as when you are finished. I’d love to hear what exercise you enjoy and whether you think enjoying your exercise is important.

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