7 strategies to beat the ‘Sunday Blues’ and maximise your weekend

‘Time is what we want most, but what we use worst’

~ William Penn

I love weekends. I really love them! 48 hours stretching ahead with endless possibilities of how to use them. I try to squeeze every last minute of enjoyment out of them.

It makes me feel so sad that so many of my friends and family waste their Sundays. They suffer from the Sunday blues and don’t enjoy what could be one of the best days of the week.

As someone who is obsessed with productivity I don’t want to waste a single second of my precious time off work, so I ensure I maximise my Sunday.

What a good Sunday looks like will be different for everyone, but I am sure no-one wants to waste any of it feeling depressed about the thought of the next day arriving too quickly.

From finishing work on Friday to starting again on Monday morning, all the hours in between I treat like a precious resource.

Here are some techniques you can try to beat the Sunday blues:

1) Plan your time across the whole week

If you view the week as a whole including the weekend, you can look what days best fit everything in and not leave all the boring things for Sunday. This is a good technique that allows you to structure the week to leave Sunday free for what you would most like to do. If you suffer from ‘Sunday Blues’ try planning your week differently next week. On Sunday evening sit down and design the best Sunday you can think of. What does your dream Sunday consist of? Whatever it is, put it down on your plan. Now look at the rest of the week and see what you need to do in order to be able to utilise Sunday as your dream day.

2) Sort your work out by Friday

If you can ensure that you have finished all your work by the time you leave work on a Friday, then the weekend can be clear for enjoyment. If you do have to work on the weekend, try doing it on Saturday morning and getting out of the way rather than leaving it til Sunday or it will hang over your head for the whole weekend.

3) Avoid making Sunday your chore day

It can be easy to allocate Sunday to the day of chores. You can find yourself cleaning, washing, ironing and doing all the life admin tasks you have not got round to doing in the week. Try to allocate time in the week to these tasks and leave Sunday clear for pure enjoyment.

4) Implement ‘Sunday night something’

Sometimes Sunday starts off well but as the end of the day approaches, that dread of Monday starts hanging over us. Organising something fun to do on Sunday afternoon or evening can extend the day a bit and put off the end of the weekend. A friend and I invented ‘Sunday night something’, where we would organise something we could do to ensure we enjoyed Sunday evening and prevented us from sitting at home waiting for Monday to come along!

5) Figure out why you are dreading Monday so much

If there is a real reason why you dread Monday so much, take action and change something. Are there specific things you are dreading that you can resolve?  One of the reasons I don’t dislike Sunday nights is that I don’t dread Mondays. I love my job and I have no dread about going back.

6) Practise living in the moment

If you are focusing on living in the present you won’t be dreading the next day, you will be enjoy the here and now. Monday is a time in the future and can be tackled when it arrives. Try to enjoy the present moment and worry about the future when it happens.

7) Make Monday as good as it can be

Give consideration to how you plan your Mondays. Try not to give yourself a reason to not want Monday to come. Try to schedule your work in a way that eases you into Monday gently. Don’t schedule an awful meeting first thing, or leave a horrible task that you couldn’t finish on Friday. Maybe you could even schedule something to look forward to on a Monday.


If you follow all these tips, I can guarantee you will get more enjoyment over your precious weekend and start to enjoy Sundays.

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