30 Tested Ways to Ensure a Wonderful Night’s Sleep

In order to be your most productive self you need great quality sleep.

The better you sleep, the more alert you will be during the day, allowing you to function to the best of your ability.

In the past, successful people have  been known to compete over who needs the least amount of sleep, but lately this view has changed. Many of the most successful people are now stressing that sleep is absolutely critical for productivity.

It can be tempting, when you want to fit everything into your busy day, to eat into your sleep time. This is not a good idea. Ultimately, if you do not get enough sleep, you will be less productive.

I’ve compiled these 30 steps to help you get a good night’s sleep:


1. Declutter your life – The less stress you have in your life the less busy your mind will be and the better you will be able to sleep. The less clutter you have in your house, the tidier your mind will be.

2. Declutter your bedroom – Clear it of all unnecessary items. Put everything away neatly with no mess.

3. Declutter your mind – Write a journal before bed to empty your mind of all thoughts.

4. Keep your mind clear  – In the event that some thoughts do pop into your mind in the middle of the night, and threaten to keep you awake, keep a notebook by your bed, and write them down to get them out of your head.

5. Feng Shui your bedroom – Arrange your room to allow easy access to the bed with a bedside table on both sides.

Establish a routine

6. Establish an effective evening routine – Go to bed at a similar time each night and follow the same routine to train your body that it is getting ready for sleep.

7. Establish an effective morning routine – Get up at the same time each day no matter how tired you are. Get up even if you are tired, if you don’t get up early, you won’t be tired when it’s time to go to sleep in the evening.

8. Give the routine chance to get embedded – Don’t expect an overnight change. If you do everything right one night and still don’t sleep, don’t despair, stick at it for two weeks and see the results.

9. Stop using electronics 30 mins before bed – Have a break from laptops, phones and TV before you start getting ready for bed, to unwind.


10. Practice mindfulness meditationHeadspace is a great app to help you do this for 10 minutes before bed.

11. Have a soak in a bubble bath – This can really relax you and get you ready for sleep.

12. Read – Even a few pages of your book can help you to relax.

13. Lavender scents – You can burn a candle or put some fresh lavender under your pillow.

14. Hot drink – Hot water and lemon with honey is a good drink to get you relaxed.


15. Follow an exercise routine – Exercising first thing in the morning can help to give you energy for the day, and tire you out by the evening.

16. Get out in nature – Fill your lungs with fresh air.

Create an ideal atmosphere

17. Ensure it is quiet and tranquil in your bedroom – If you live somewhere noisy try using ear plugs.

18. Decorate with calming colours – Use pale, neutral colours to create a calming environment

19. No electronics – Keep all electrical equipment outside your bedroom

20. Block the light – If your room is too light from either the natural light or a street lamp, try using black out blinds to keep it dark.

21. Control the temperature – Open the window, use AC or a fan to cool your room down. Use a heater, an electric blanket or a hot water bottle to heat it up and ensure that it is the perfect temperature to sleep well.

22. No blue lights – Don’t have an alarm clock by your bed that is giving off a blue light into your face. If you need an alarm keep it away from your bed so you are not disturbed by the light.

23. Fresh clean bedding – You know that awesome feeling when you have changed the bedding and have fresh clean sheets?  Make sure you do that once a week.

24. Invest in a great mattress – You spend so much of your time in bed, it is a good investment to get a really comfy mattress.

25. Invest in good pillows – Make sure your neck isn’t uncomfortable by getting good pillows.

26. Keep your phone away – Don’t have your phone by your bed beeping, vibrating and lighting up as you receive messages and calls. If you use your phone for an alarm keep it away from the bed, so it doesn’t wake you until morning.


27. Don’t eat too much immediately before bed – If you have a massive dinner just before bed it will be difficult to sleep with a full stomach.

28. Ban the booze – Even one glass of alcohol can affect the quality of your sleep. If you really want a great night’s sleep, avoid any alcohol.

29. No caffeine – Avoid caffeine in the evening or all day if possible.

30. Keep well hydrated – But don’t drink too much just before you go to bed or you might have to get up for the toilet in the night.

I’d love to hear whether these ideas have helped you to sleep and any other tips you have in the comments below.


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